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...Handmade is small batches, designed to deliver the highest level of therapeutic care...
Discover our range of wellbeing products delivering the holistic benefits of plant-derived goodness based on the complementary principles of Aromatherapy.

Respected product formulator Marva Williams has joined forces with Jan Benham internationally renowned Health Practitioner & Aromatherapist to create a range of products using only the finest quality essential oils and natural botanical plant extracts to treat the complexion, body and spirit.

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Jan Benham, FSBTh, FFHT, MIFPA, RAHP, CNHP (Certified Natural Health Practitioner) is an internationally renowned practitioner and trainer of complementary alternative practice working internationally between London, The Netherlands and Canada.

Current work includes her Tutorship of Aromatherapy and the Holistic Health program at Shirley Price College in the UK, where she first qualified and maintaining a full international presence holding seminars and workshops worldwide.

Jan continues to run multiple natural cosmetic and skincare companies and is a respected author of several books on natural cosmetic making and alternative therapy.

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‘Understanding the healing power of plants is both rewarding and empowering... drives me to continue to develop and to share my knowledge in order to empower others.’