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Amanda Shayle

Bridging the gap and building the dialogue between empirical evidence-based western methodology and the holistic, natural healing principles of eastern medicine.

Amanda was first impassioned to an interest in skin and sensitivity issues, when her 3-month old son developed a serious skin reaction after his immunisations resulting in hospital treatment.
The pursuit of safe, natural remedies, triggered the decision to learn acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine skills from which dermatology became a principle interest and her extensive career in holistic healing began furthered by a developing passion in enhancing beauty.

In addition to her clinical work Amanda is Head of Research and Development as well as a senior lecturer for the College of Chinese Medicine, London. In her role as Vice Chairman of a professional society of TCM practitioners, she has represented Stakeholder Groups which was formed to work towards statutory regulation. This lead to her active involvement in setting up the CNHC Microsystems Group for which she is a profession specific board member.

Currently she is in high demand as atrainer and pioneer in the practice of holistic healing empowering western practitioners in the art of eastern principles with an evidence-based approach.

The Amanda Shayle Collection is the result of years of expertise working with some of nature's most powerful healing actives, and formulated with the same evidenced based approach for visible results in damage reversal and lasting rejuvenation.

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Profile Picture Hamilton Harris
Urban Icon to Natural Man - the new era in men's grooming personified

Embodying every sensibility as the modern male, Hamilton is a natural all rounder versed in craft and presentation.
An early career in modelling saw success and highlights as a 90's Levi Jeans icon capturing Hamilton's groomed urban personality as the mood of the era.

With an instinctive ability to style and define, Hamilton honed his innate skill at the London School College of Fashion specialising in Hairstyling and Make up Artistry from which he segued into a diverse self-made career as a voice in design and trend styling icons of popular culture from Gabrielle to Meg Matthews and with appointments such as a Miss World judge to developing a range of bespoke hand made bags and clothing which soon attracted a cult following where they continue to grow in renown at the established handmaker markets of London such as Lower Marsh, Greenwich and Waterloo.

Hamilton remains on the pulse of developments as an authority with his current work as fashion assessor and lecturer at Greenwich University while rounding off the demand for his expertise with a launch into male skincare - a natural progression for Hamilton which sees this year's namesake debut 'ManNaturals' range featuring premium grade botanicals effectively targeting male concerns while bearing the hallmarks of Hamilton's signature flair for confident self-expression fine-tuned with a bespoked appearance.

Jan Benham

Trailblazing the formulary of natural cosmetics for healing and ground-breaking anti-aging

Jan's extensive career in the field of holistic beauty began 40 years ago...

...spanning from initiation into the world of cosmetics as a Beauty Therapist, in the four decades since launching her first natural skincare line, Jan evolved into a most respected pioneer in the field of aromatherapy and holistic cosmetics based on the principles of complementary medicine.

Years of creative career development as a practitioner, trainer, formulator and business owner of various walk-in and e-commerce stores fine-tuned Jan's natural acumen and understanding of the most effective ways to create supportive, holistic skin care remedies that treat the body and spirit as a whole.

Extensively influencing the world of botanical care with retail premises and training facilities

spanning Canada, The Netherlands and the UK, Jan's experience motivated her to address the gap in the market for a benchmark rejuvenating mineral skincare plant-based range, effectively and responsibly formulated for physiological and psychological support.

These decades of invaluable insight have been funnelled into the groundbreaking Jan Benham by Beauty Stable range.

Profile Picture Jan Benham

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